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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Deadpool
Page Count: 36
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 2.99 USD
Cover Date: December 2011
UPC: 75960606407604711
Country: United States
Cap thinks that Deadpool has become an evil terrorist and tries to take him down. Now, nobody could accuse DP of being a saint but it is really his evil doppelganger that is causing all of the ruckus. When 'Pool tries to explain this to Cap, for some odd reason, he isn't believed. Meanwhile, Evil Deadpool is getting the dirtiest merc assignment he can think of--killing the police chief's kids on orders from Mr. Negative. Trying to steal Evil DP's thunder, the real Deadpool also kidnaps a kid and pretends he is going to kill him which doesn't exactly endear him to the local constabulary.