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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth
Page Count: 44
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: July 2010
UPC: 75960606940801311
Country: United States
Having been bitten by Zombie Deadpool, the AIM leader has no recourse other than to return the helicopter he has just stolen from Deadpool in exchange for the anti-zombie serum. 'Pool gives him it and DP and crew fly off to the Florida Everglades to find the nexus that will take them out of Zombie World. At the eighteen minute mark, the AIM leader begins to turn into a zombie and DP kicks him out of the helicopter as he reveals that he didn't give him the real serum. With the fuel tank dry, the helicopter crashes into the swamp and Deadpool and crew begin their search for the nexus.; Deadpool and company approach the reality nexus in the Florida swamps but are being closely tailed by a fully mobile zombie Deadpool and his zombie Wrecking Crew cohorts. What the zombies don't know is they are also being tracked by the Man-Thing. Deadpool has Dr. Betty cut off his left arm, reattach it backwards and implant the Zombie Deadpool head on his shoulder (presumably so he can cover two fronts at the same time). As team Deadpool prepares to fight team zombie Deadpool, zombie Brother Voodoo shows up to make things even more confusing.; A free for all breaks out in the swamp between Deadpool and his allies, the flesh craving zombies and the Man-Thing. No one is afraid and so no one burns at the Man-Thing's touch. After the zombies are dispatched, Deadpool removes the zombie Deadpool head from his shoulder and attaches it to the freshly decapitated body of the other zombie Deadpool they have been fighting (wha?). Unfortunately, along with a restored body comes a restored hunger and zombie Deadpool leaps through the nexus to earth to eat any humans he can find.; Zombie Deadpool leaps through the dimensional portal back to earth but immediately gets decapitated and starts the vicious story cycle all over again. After sharing a kiss, DP and Betty also enter the nexus where DP is waylaid by the Contemplator who sends him off to engage in a cosmic adventure.