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Publisher: Dark Horse
Title: Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Archives
Page Count: 220
Genre: Science Fiction, Superhero, Surreal
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 19.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2010
UPC: 978159582586551999
ISBN: 978-1-59582-586-5
Country: United States
Solar and the team at Atom Valley are working on energy-into-matter. Rasp, conducting industrial espionage for Nuro, rigs an accident to kill Bently, moving Rasp closer to the project. The radiation overdose does not kill Solar, but makes him radioactive. Project director Clarkson helps him cover up the transformation.; Gail Sanders is kidnapped, then given a hypnotic drug and an implanted radio receiver. Under orders she attacks Solar and then attempts suicide, but survives her attack, prevents her suicide, and extracts the radio.; Nuro coerces Gantry into designing an invisibility suit and using it for crime. Solar stops him at the cost of Gantry's life. Nuro remains unknown.; An accidental explosion forces Solar to learn to control his powers. When Gail uncovers Rasp's espionage he tries to kill her, but Solar comes to the rescue. Clarkson figures out that Solar needs frequent replenishment with radiation. Disgusted at Rasp's repeated failures, Nuro kills him.; Nuro installs an underwater gold accumulator that poisons its vicinity with radiation. Solar draws all the radiation into himself.; Solar's experiments create a new crystalline element. When he takes it to New York to consult with specialist Wolson, two thieves kill Wolson. The unknown crystal expends, engulfing Solar and the killers, until Solar finds a way to break it. The thieves insist that Solar has strange powers, but everyone considers their testimony a crude attempt at an insanity plea, and they are sentenced to death.; Nuro's android kidnaps Gail, then disguises itself as her to carry out sabotage in Atom Valley. Solar comes to the rescue as the Man of the Atom, but the android weakens him and carries him off.; Sea levels drop as aliens capture a bathyscaph captained by Gail's brother... the aliens are stealing earth elements and keeping the crew for study. Solar drives off the aliens and frees the crew, meantime recapturing the stolen elements and restoring sea levels.; Already annoyed by Solar's distant behavior, Gail is attracted to visiting Professor Neilson, who is experimenting with a de-radiation device. Solar is trapped in the chamber, threatening his life, but Clarkson intervenes and saves him with radioactive isotopes.; Solar's inherent radiation turns his hair white, forcing him to confess his secret to Gail. Consulting with Gail and Clarkson, he creates a uniform that conceals his face and hair, presenting himself to the public as the Man of the Atom. Nuro's men fire the prairie in order to force the strangely-powered mystery man to reveal himself. Solar appears as the Man of the Atom and captures them.; Solar allows himself to be kidnapped so as to be taken where Gail is being held. Once there he and the android battle, as Nuro watches by television. Nuro's base and the android are destroyed as Solar and Gail escape, but they speculate that Nuro escaped as well.; When Nuro uses a guided comet to menace the Earth, Solar diverts it and drains its energy. As Nuro had planned, this effort debilitates Solar, but Solar commandeers a damaged satellite to get into the Van Allen Belt, restoring his energy. He neutralizes the comet and returns safely to Atom Valley.; An underwater atomic test sets off earth tremors and awakens a dormant volcano, threatening a nearby town. Solar brings himself to the point of death sealing off the volcano; Clarkson rescues him.; Sunspots wreak havoc with a weather-control satellite. When Solar tries to intervene, he separates into positive and negative selves, neutralizing his own actions and running low on energy. Dr Clarkson reintegrates him with a cyclotron. Solar saves Gail from a tornado, and Clarkson sends a self-destruct signal to the satellite.