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Publisher: FantaCo Enterprises
Title: Dr Korvus Children Of Abyss
Page Count: 32
Genre: Horror-suspense
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 5.99
Cover Date: February 2024
UPC: 74505113839400311
Country: United States
As the attacks increase throughout London, Dr. Korvus, Plato and Wilson struggle to find an answer to the crisis. The victims of these assaults are now transforming into huge, misshapen parodies of the human form, bent on murder and destruction. Dr. Korvus takes his attack on the offensive, battling the things on the girders of the half-built Tower Bridge. But he's running out of time. Cernunnos will soon rise and obliterate the entire populace of the city. Based on the steampunk, supernatural detective novels by writer Eric Stanway.