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Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
Title: Drawn & Quarterly
Page Count: 36
Genre: Biography, Drama, Humor, Satire-parody
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 2.95 USD; 3.50 CAD
Cover Date: April 1990
Country: Canada
Chris goes to New York City and gets swindled out of money for a present by playing three card monte.; Santa in 1,000,000 B.C, and a caveman trying to get his girlfriend a present.; A letter from a dog who is leaving his owner on the day he moves out of an apartment and into a house.; Chuckie-Boy has a stomach ache and Girly Girl gives him stuff that should make him throw up but instead makes him better.; A year by year account of Joe's life up to 1988.; Trish visits Joe in his strip and draws herself.; Insecurity comes to visit Joe Matt, but he defeats it with white-out.; Joe and Trish have a fight.; Joe and Bernie discuss money.; Joe Matt hangs out with Matt Wagner and they discuss their girlfriends.; Joe is introduced to Greg but can't decide whether to call him up to talk to him or not.; How Joe and Trish met.; The story of another planet where the Thermal Dynamics live.; Two men standing in a bar with a caption underneath.; A man standing in front of a cityscape.; A woman goes through an entire fantasy relationship with a cute guy she sees.; A family pulls guns on each other to "convince" each other to do things like turn off the T.V.