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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Epic Graphic Novel: Blueberry
Page Count: 100
Genre: Western-frontier
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 12.95 USD; 16.95 CAD
Cover Date: January 1990
UPC: 02488523470101
ISBN: 0-87135-580-9
Country: United States
Continuing... Red and Jimmy seek Blueberry and find Chihuahua Pearl. Blueberry is held at Fort Bowie to be tried in Durango. He bids goodbye to his love, Chini. She sneaks into Victorio's camp and urges the Apaches flee and find Cochise and the rest of the tribe. Pearl sneaks Blueberry a gun, the Apaches steal the escort's horses, and they're off! The Army surrounds the territory, but Blueberry and the Apaches bluff, then steal an entire train and ride to freedom - and to find their tribe.; Cochise and the Apaches are dying of cold and hunger at San Carlos. Blueberry and crew and Victorio's warriors dodge soldiers to liberate the tribe. Then it's a race to the Mexican border. Faking telegraph signals, surviving shootouts, carrying the elderly, planting tripwires and dynamite, and accepting sacrifice from the eldest warriors, helps the tribe finally escape to Mexico. Here Blueberry bids farewell to Chini and Victorio. He's off to seek justice and clear his name!