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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Exciting Comics
Page Count: 40
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: July 2023
UPC: 61072105010103711
Country: United States
'Ibis the Mystic' (Anthony Zicari, Shantona Shantuma), 'Dominion Jack' (ack Briglio, Ron Salas). 'Ibis the Mystic' (Anthony Zicari, Shantona Shantuma): Werewolves haunt the streets of London, and Ibis investigates a mysterious curio shop. 'Dominion Jack' (Jack Briglio, Ron Salas): In two tales of times past, Dominion Jack tries to teach his stubborn daughter Jess his superhero ways as they confront the dual menace of Takeover and Kid Control. Then, Malaise and Chinook attack Dominion Jack and MashUp at the Rideau Canal. As Jack thinks back on how the legacy heroes of the past made such a difference in the world, he hopes to continue that traditionif he survives this fight with Chinook first!