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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Science Fiction, Spy, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0 FREE
Cover Date: September 2010
Country: United States
Danae is bored and undertakes some time travel research with Jeffrey. Meanwhile, we see some non sequiturs of everyday life.; Lio continues his usual weird life, inventing strange things, annoying the neighbors and merchants, playing with monsters and the dead, being terroized by Eva Rose, and he witnesses the kids from Family Circle break out of their strip.; Holly meets Fred, a yeti who rents Jeanie's old house in a magic lamp.; William Gates commits crimes in the hope of being arrested and sentenced to an iso-cube for his own protection, but goes too far, killing over 10,000 people in a power meltdown and is instead sentenced to Devil's Island.; The Spark finds 3 thieves in his neighbor's house who use magic to unleash a green monster. They steal something and make their getaway while The Spark dispatches the monster.; Rich gets back to his job at the mission, while both the news media and the mayor try to figure out how to handle a superhero in town.; James gets information from a nightclub owner and tracks Zobeide to Cairo, but she dies by an assassin's bullet before she can give him much information. However, a corroborating clue shows up and James is off to Crete.; Prince Thun kills Durok but Reddol is able to attack King Barin anyway by changing identities several times. He finally makes a mistake that Flash figures out and is stopped just before he can assassinate King Barin.; Cynicalman talks with Waldo; gives us tips, goes to the post office, and Wencil visits Cutegirl for lunch.; Jeff is pursued by two robots and he breaks an arm off one of them.; Jingle Flute (a moth) attempts to fly under Baron's lip without being hit by his drool.; Popeye forgets which direction the sun sets and Wimpy has writer's block.; Hayes belches a greeting and Mahoney can't seem to remember that Pope's mother is dead.; Henry helps an elderly man across the street and is rewarded with a soda. All the other boys in the neighborhood then decide to try the same thing.; Neil wears his new botux and cowboys ride unicycles.; The boys scam the adults with a talking backwards trick.; A pig is proven wrong when he speculates that the weather can't get any worse.; May can't operate the Monster Mega Grill that Sim has installed because she isn't fully trained yet.; Pauline tries in vain to get the boys to exercise on a hot summer's day.; Mrs. Spat tries to explain a birthmark.