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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Horror-suspense, Humor, Science Fiction, Spy, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0 FREE
Cover Date: October 2010
Country: United States
A "doctor" explains his method of keeping insane asylum inmates in check.; Lio continues his usual weird life, inventing strange things, annoying the neighbors and merchants, and being annoyed by his pets, playing with monsters and the dead, and he hosts a "Pinocchio" book signing by Monstro.; Lots of talking animals, history gone wrong, Superman gets an eye exam looking through a brick wall and lead wall, we see some sports injuries, Mr. T's to-do list, and Jesus's forgotten miracle walk.; Holly tries to find Jeanie's secret without revealing hers.; A Resyk technician witnesses a corpse kill his co-worker and soon Dredd and the other Judges are on the dead murderer's trail.; A scientist in a laboratory at Great Lakes University makes himself invisible and is wounded by a frightened security guard. Rae finds him on the street and takes him home to help him.; James goes to Crete to track the supposed Minotaur, meeting agent Suzi Kew there. They dive and find a cave with a mechanical Minotaur, but are trapped there by an explosion set off by an enemy spy.; Flash and King Barin have evacuated Alanaia just ahead of the arrival of Ming's forces, and they have disabled the force fields. When Ming's forces arrive, Flash and Barin attack and destroy them and the city, after which Flash retreats to Arboria to plan their next move.; Cynicalman finds a girl named after a month, a street artist tries to perform for some smiling balloons, a designer gets a job thinking inside the box, and Lizard Girl tells why she likes to eat at Burger Kaiser.; Jeff uses the arm broken off Foo-7 to finish dismantling him.; Sir Frog is afraid of vampires, so he's carrying a raw steak around to drive through their hearts.; The stock Oddbox characters perform some dangerous stunts.; Pope and Smiley play golf, with Pope barely getting any balls in the air.; Wimpy is diagnosed with the stupidest thing the doctor ever heard.; A body builder and a man with a huge head occupy opposite ends of a beach.; Harold is thrown out of the house.