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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Science Fiction, Spy, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0 FREE
Cover Date: November 2010
Country: United States
The Spark defeats some robots but their builder is still at large.; Judge Dredd and Cadet Rhinestone battle several groups on walking dead while Tech-division devises an ultraviolet ray to kill the virus that is reanimating the dead. After the success of the ray, the Judges arrest the resyk operator who let the first corpse leave his facility.; Lots of talking animals, history gone wrong, the discovery of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Popeye continues to work on his forearms at the gym, and several child comics characters become missing persons.; When Boopsie has a few too many atomic expresso's, Wilma swings into action as the bouncer.; James continues to track the mysterious Minos, obtaining information on Zoe Livyuenko (alias Zoebeide) and setting up a trap with jewel fences.; Lio continues his usual weird life, inventing strange things, annoying the neighbors and merchants, playing with monsters, his pets and the dead, and he directs a Mr. Puns deliveryman to the 'Pearls Before Swine' strip next door.; Rae gathers The Cardinal and Chris to help the invisible man she found, and The Cardinal gets him to a hospital. There, an orderly calls the FBI and they involve a nameless government agency to retrieve the man, but Rae sneaks him out of the hospital.; Cynicalman spends a couple boring days at the Board, discovers the problems of products with a lifetime warranty and the problems of having a genie, and Gerald discovers the problems of having a time machine.; While Flash hires scheming guide to help find Ming's castle, Ming releases Garakahn from another dimension in order to use him to destroy Flash.; Wimpy has romantic problems, Popeye dreams of spinach, The Jeep plays with Swee'Pea, and Pappy discovers his motorcycle parked in an unusual location.; Talking animals including someone hacking into The 3 Bears' computers, and the strangest astronaut.; The genie that Jeff forgot was in his coin purse grants his wish and gives Baujahr back to Jeff, but Baujahr is still dead.; Try as they might, Bludgeoner and Lamb Chopper cannot break out of their 6 panel presentation.; Pope and Smiley are hopeless as hunters.; The captain gets out of mama's way while she's working and drowns his worries by eating a midnight snack.; Gerald annoys his parents, amuses his grandfather, and is mystified at adults.; Mark shows us three types of turkeys, including a government boondoggle.; A conference table covered with bubble gum underneath, early "settlers", and a "cartortionist."; Henry finds an unusual substitute for worms when fishing.; Typical examples of hypocrisy, stupidity, and problems in everyday life.; Mama worries about her boys' choice of cereals.; Jeffy can't tell whether his grandfather is threatening or promising him something.