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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Science Fiction, Spy, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0.00 FREE
Cover Date: March 2011
Country: United States
The king is collecting exorbitant taxes and acquires what appears to be an empty box, but Lindy has been searching for it because it contains a grosling. Lindy's grosling takes the greedy king into the box and Wormil becomes the next king.; The coffee urn goes on a rampage until Jeanie feeds it.; Lio continues his usual weird life, annoying the neighbors, his father and Eva, and being annoyed by his pets, and playing with monsters.; Deb is laid off from her newspaper job and while helping a friend in a bad part of town, she is beaten up and suffers amnesia. Justin and The Cardinal begin searching for her.; Just as Dredd and Janus wrap up one investigation involving the elusive Spirit of Justice, two men break into the Judges ordnance bunker. The men put several judges out of commission but are killed by the Spirit of Justice, who is then cornered by Dredd and other judges.; Bond gets Zoe to do a little too much talking, preparing him to sneak his way into the airplane intended to spread a worldwide plague. He then overpowers a medic and ground crew technician and prepares to sabotage the plane.; Lots of talking animals, history and literature gone wrong, and we see that Sam's friend really should not have eaten the green eggs and ham.; Garakahn attempts to cast Flash into the pit to another dimension, but fails and the device which opened the portal is destroyed, returning Garakahn to his human form and his defeat.; Strips exploring bad business decisions from the top.; Cynicalman has problems with snow, his neighbor, and chili, and Stupid boy has problems with snow and birds.; While the two Jeffs are confused by each others presence, Bauhjahr eats the incinerated version of himself.; Bludgeoner sets in motion a chain of events guaranteed to create havoc.; Leonard's friend finds him passed out at the bar and tries to get him to say something so the strip can go on.; Swee'Pea loses a piece of buttered bread, and Olive compliments Mammy's cooking...kind of.; Ms. Twiddle gets The Captain a puzzling birthday present.; Three typical examples of stupidity and absurdity in everyday life, including one for the old-timers.; After the adults fall asleep playing checkers, Henry and his friend finish the game.; A dog orders a martini, and a raisin gets all the breaks.; Gerald and Jim must get dinner for themselves, and Gerald tries to use his grandma-influencing tactics on his teacher.; Comparing TV with reality.; Old joke about life being better than death.