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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0.00 FREE
Cover Date: September 2011
Country: United States
Judge Dredd goes back in time to stop himself from making a mistake that will destroy Mega City.; LindyJax gives the ultimate doorknob to a bored woman, who uses it to enter a more comfortable empty space.; Lio continues his usual weird life, annoying the neighbors, Eva Rose, and his father, being annoyed by his pets, and he steals the Rocketeer's jet pack and spends some time visiting the world's biggest stuff.; Rich is worried that he is not good enough for Chris and has been avoiding her. Meanwhile, something goes wrong the Dr. Frehct's experiments on Harry.; Boopsie orders the dragon tears tea despite the side effects.; General Kallop recovers from his possession by Choong-Li. Meanwhile, King Barin's guards discover that Durok has escaped, and on earth, Lisa Meunich has a bad day with a connection to the planet Mongo.; ArDuffle answers readers questions, including "Why?", and regarding inter-species dating.; A purple blob gives Baujahr and Jeff directions.; Waldo complains about work; the Headbangers misinterpret song lyrics, and aliens from Globulon land.; Tips on golfing.; Bludgeoner misspells words as an artistic expression.; The boys are playing video games and discussing how to read manga.