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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Spy, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0.00 FREE
Cover Date: November 2011
Country: United States
Duane unleashes a monster from a comic, the comic store owners call the police, and the Spark and Hero Bot Zero respond and blow up the monster.; An alien parasite has infected people in Mega-City, including Judge Dredd who manages to save the city and himself just in time.; Peter and Clumsy Carp come to Lio's house as evangelists, Lio continues his usual weird life, annoying the neighbors and his father, being annoyed by his pets, and he steals Charlie Brown's shirt while Charlie Brown is swimming.; Bond is sent to the North Pole on a tip, after missiles are fired at Vladivostock and Chicago. He encounters Red Doe, who intends to kill Robert Ayr, the same man Bond is looking for.; The Warthog is out to get revenge on Brian for years of bullying, but Brian is himself a victim of his own father, and the Cardinal has to stop both the Warthog and Brian's father from attacking Brian.; Lots of talking animals, history and literature gone wrong, backstage at Wheel of Fortune, and someone steals a spare tire from the Michelin Man.; Durok accidentally open opens a portal through which Flash is able to escape to Earth.; Arduffle answers readers questions including the difference between assassination and murder, and why it's no problem to live at home at age 30.; Brutus earns a black belt in karate, Wimpy learns a lesson, and Swee'Pea doesn't like what Popeye packs for his school lunch.; Jeff and Baujahr wander through Lincoln Park and acquire beards and stovepipe hats.; Bludgeoner and Sir P.B. Frog discuss useless college degrees.; Miss Twiddle incites Mama with talk of independence, so she retaliates against the Captain; the boys give the Captain a fake hair growth treatment; and the boys use the Captain to fool the Inspector.; Goings on at the bar, including Zeke's complaint that the burgers have no gristle.; Tips on golfing.; 6 typical examples of stupidity and absurdity in everyday life, including: useless weather forecasts, writing thank you notes, the "quite zone" within a hospital, and the perils of coupon buying and paying compliments to an artist.; Pauline overhears some women bragging about their newest tech gear; the family shows age differences in their swimwear; Yusuf rewrites a garage sale sign; and Pauline works at a bookstore.; Gerald tells his grandfather that he can find anything he wants to know on the internet; we see talking fish; Gerald asks his father how to use the fire extinguisher; and Gerald fails to impress his friend on the playground.; Harold gives Jeffy a stupid answer, Mrs. Spat cracks a joke, and Harold is clueless again.; Noting how much of our lives we spend watching our soda pop foam go down; and Charlie Sheen and Bruce Willis do lunch.; The boys are playing being adrift at sea, while tied to the dock.; Sim is watching extreme tractor sports.