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Publisher: Marvel
Title: G.I. Joe
Page Count: 36
Genre: War
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD; 0.60 GBP
Cover Date: June 1990
Country: United States
Mutt and Spirit, alongside Russ (from last issue), hook up with the teens of Millville, not brainwashed, to try and keep Cobra from taking over the town. Meanwhile, Hawk sends a team of Joes to hook up with members of the Oktober Guard for a mission into Sierra Gordo, and as they approach Sierra Gordo, they are ambushed by a Cobra force led by Darklon. Snake-Eyes and Storm Shaodw are by the still-comatose Scarlett's bedside when her sister appears with a court order to disconnect her life support. To be continued...