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Publisher: IDW
Title: Cobra
Page Count: 32
Genre: War
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2011
UPC: 82771400241600611
Country: United States
Steeler reminisces about how he came to join Cobra. He was with the U.S. Army, but when Cobra showed him recognition for his work, he joined them. They got him noticed by G.I. Joe so he could infiltrate the team. When a soldier catches him carrying a communication device, he kills him, and fakes it as a suicide. Firewall and Chameleon investigate, and determine there is still a spy on the base. Lady Jaye is assigned as Chameleon's protection. They lock down the base. Blacklight contacts Tomax for a pick-up, and promises him something that will benefit him.