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Publisher: IDW
Title: G.I. Joe Season 2
Page Count: 32
Genre: War
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: March 2012
UPC: 8277140024300111
Country: United States
The Joes' relief about Cobra's retreat is short-lived when B.A.T.s arrive. They take out the bridge to stop the B.A.T.s, but that doesn't stop them. Hawk contacts Baxter for fire support. Flint and Roadblock are blown into the river Snake Eyes and Helix make their way through the jungle. He knocks her out and approaches the Red Ninjas led by Storm Shadow. Destro and Cobra Commander watch the attack in Nanzhao. Ironhand takes down a Cobra plane carrying a nuclear bomb, but the rest of the planes and bombs are delivered on Nanzhao cities.