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Publisher: DC
Title: Green Lantern
Page Count: 68
Genre: Humor, Superhero
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: September 1941
Country: United States
When Irene Miller inherits a racehorse named Jersey Queen, racketeer "Scar" Jorgis tries to buy it to keep it out of competition. Failing that, he tries to cripple the horse, but Green Lantern puts an end to that plot. Finally, Jorgis gets Irene's cousin to convince her to enter the horse in a "claiming race," and Irene loses ownership of Jersey Queen to Scar. After GL reclaims the horse, he forces confessions out of Scar and Gerald and returns Jersey Queen to Irene.; After the district attorney accuses Boss Filch of stealing money meant for pneumonia serum and winds up dead, Green Lantern confronts Filch, but gets nowhere. GL mounts his own campaign to raise funds, stopping an impostor along the way, until Filch's son gets sick. Filch promises to confess to his grafting in exchange for help saving his boy. But Filch fingers Commissioner Merril, his partner in crime, as responsible for the D.A.'s murderer, so GL confronts him and collects the evidence needed to put him away too.; As a series of fires breaks out in the tenements of Capitol City, Barton, the publisher of the Daily Tattle, campaigns for the razing of the slums. But when the fire inspector uncovers evidence of arson, a Tattle reporter overhears Barton conspiring with real-estate man Murker, and a commissioner accuses Merker of his crimes, Green Lantern must swing into action to save the fire inspector and reporter from murder attempts and free the kidnapped family of the commissioner before tricking a confession out of Barton.; Alan and Doiby head for South America to find out who has been tampering with Apex's short-wave outlet in Landavo and run right into a civil war caused by foreign agents seeking to overthrow the democratically-elected government. Green Lantern exposes the plot, opening the eyes of the misguided rebels and saving Landavo's democracy.; Engineer Alan Scott survives an explosion during a test crossing of a trestle bridge and learns he was saved by the green lantern he carried. The lantern tells how long ago a meteor was formed into a lamp by a Chinese lampmaker and how it protected him from his murderous neighbors. Later the lamp was found by an asylum inmate, who re-formed it into a lantern and was cured of his insanity by the lantern. Now it brings power to Scott, who forms a ring out of part of it and uses his new abilities as Green Lantern.