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Publisher: EC
Title: Haunt of Fear
Page Count: 36
Genre: Horror-suspense
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: October 1951
Country: United States
An undertaker who overcharges for his services becomes paralyzed in an auto accident and buried alive because his partner doesn't bother to embalm him and uses all the tricks he learned while working with the victim to bilk the estate for the funeral costs.; A man and wife go on vacation in Europe where he meets a vampire that falls in love with him. Once he learns what she is he rejects her in disgust and she angrily replies that she'll kill him before she lets him go back to his wife, but he knocks her away. When he returns to the hotel room, his wife informs him that she had sought out the vampire and was attacked and turned into one of them and attacks him.; A washed-up matador loses the favor of his lady to a young new-comer so he buys a half-blind bull and torments it with a whip while teaching it to charge the smell of the perfumed handkerchief that he knows his lady will toss to the young matador to tuck into his belt. The bull gores the young matador and is then killed in turn. Later that evening the corpses of both the young matador and the bull take their revenge on the schemer as the matador holds him for the bull to gore.; Policeman interview a child who appears to be about six and claims he is really 24 and lives no place while going around all day watching his 'Uncle Ekar' murdering people which is what he wants to do when he grows up. The kid tells the police where they can find Uncle Ekar and he shows, but tries to run off and the police shoot him dead whereupon they realize that the child was not lying and he really did have three eyes and a forked tongue. The kid gets adopted and the police check up on him where the mother tells them that his dog died last night. The last panel depicts the kid winking at the reader with an eye in the middle of his forehead and a forked tongue.