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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals, Humor, Science Fiction, Teen, Western-frontier
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: May 2011
UPC: 72262746952670
Country: United States
Jughead thinks about what career he wants after school. He then gets two local businesses to advertise each other's products.; Jughead gets a job at a movie theater to earn some money to get his mother a birthday present.; Jughead comes home with a serious case of indigestion. He takes a nap and dreams that he's Captain Hero with a super stomach.; Jughead's attire frustrates Mr. Weatherbee until he decides to write a new dress code for the school. A mix-up causes his dress code to not be what he had intended.; In a story set in the old west, Jughead is a sheriff who solves all the town's problems without resorting to violence.; Reggie sprays Jughead's hat with fresh baked cookie scent, driving Jughead crazy as he tries to track down the freshly baked cookies.; Hot Dog hosts a party for the other dogs but things get out of control.; Jughead and Archie attend a toy show and discover their old G.I. Jack action figures are worth a lot of money. Reggie makes fun of them for playing with "dolls" until he discovers what fun they are.; Mr. Weatherbee has a new rule, no eating in school except for lunch hour. Reggie tries to set Jughead up to get caught with one of his many snacks.; Hot Dog keeps eating the neighbor's flowers but Jughead tries to fix the situation.; Ethel tries to catch Jughead and make him go to a dance with her.; At his mother's insistence, Bingo reluctantly leaves Samantha with Teddy and goes to welcome the new neighbors. They turn out to be a beautiful widow who lost her husband in Vietnam, and her equally beautiful teenage daughter, Zelda.; Archie, Betty and Jughead go to the county fair but all Jughead does is eat.; After trying his best to avoid Big Ethel, Jughead is horrified to discover that she's been hired to work at Pop Tate's.; Drak Batfang has erected a giant dog whistle that is driving dogs all over the galaxy into a frenzy. The Astro-Mutts pick up Hot Dog and go to the planet Pureena to find out what is going on.; Hot Dog and the Astro-Mutts put an end to Drak Batfang's plans to use his giant dog whistle to force all the dogs in the galaxy to come to his planet.; Hot Dog travels into the distant past to find his oldest ancestor Cold Dog.; Reggie's trick of the day is to shout at people to get them shocked. Everyone falls for it except Jughead so his goal is to get Jughead.; Willie Wilkin's fence is falling down and he can't afford to replace it, but he can convince Sampson to replace it.; Jughead convinces Archie to not wait for Veronica and spend all his hard-earned cash on Jughead.; A bunch of neighborhood kids have contempt for Jughead because he trusts them, and respect Reggie because he's suspicious and hard to fool.; The gang attend a western themed party at Veronica's place.; Jughead can't wake up so goes to school asleep.; Jughead's mother shows how to awaken everybody in her house, by ringing the dinner bell.; Jughead sneaks a drink of Reggie's soda.; When Veronica complains that Jughead's painting is too bright he paints a light switch to turn the brightness down.; Jughead's parents arrive home to a trashed house and think they have been robbed but it was just Jughead trying to get Hot Dog to go to the vet.; Coach Kleats wants Jughead on the basketball team.; Jughead's mom knows the easiest way to wake up a sleeping Jughead.; Jughead shows up to Ethel's party dressed as a porcupine.; Jughead's mom sends Hot Dog to wake Jughead, but the dog goes to sleep instead.; Archie gets a doggie bag at a restaurant...for Jughead waiting outside.