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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2011
UPC: 72262746952674
Country: United States
Overnight Jughead begins to gain weight. Nobody can come to an answer until Dilton finally figures out the cause.; When Gladys tells Jughead he looks like the actor in a teen vampire movie, Jughead plays up the resemblance.; During band practice, Reggie pulls a prank on Jughead and now Jughead has lost the ability to keep a beat.; Veronica puts Archie in charge of making sure that Jughead doesn't disrupt her dad's party.; The UGAJ (United Girls Against Jughead) put "Operation Jughead" into effect. Each girl helps keep tabs on Jughead and keeps him away from the other girl's boyfriends.; Dilton teaches Jughead and Archie about his new hobby, Geocaching.; After a small explosion in chemistry class, Archie and Jughead have problems hearing people due to the ringing in their ears.; When Reggie finds a photo of Jughead playing with a Frisbee he mistakes it for a photo of Jughead signaling a spaceship and convinces everyone that Jughead is an alien.; Jughead uses a variety of disguises to get more than one free hot chocolate sample from Pop Tate.; Bingo and Samantha try to convince their dads to stop their feuding and learn to love each other.; Archie decides to stay home on Halloween and give out candy with Jughead.; Jughead is practicing his juggling when Archie hands him a priceless jeweled egg to add to the items he is juggling. Unfortunately, Jughead doesn't know how to stop juggling without just letting the items fall to the floor.; Jughead takes Hot Dog for a walk and Hot Dog makes comments on all the signs they see.; Jughead tries to dispel all the rumors about himself.; Jughead has gotten a role as Dracula in the school play. He walks around Riverdale in character, trying to learn his lines and scares a bratty child into being good for his mother.; When Samantha asks Bingo not to get her a birthday gift, he takes her at her word. But when he shows up at her birthday party without a gift, she yells at him for being a cheapskate.; Professor Jughead teaches Reggie how to bowl without having any bowling equipment.; Jughead wants Veronica to critique her painting.; Parody movie posters.; Jughead needs to borrow ten dollars.; Jughead and Reggie have a bet on how long Archie would last at his new job before he gets fired.; Jughead paints a cook to make him some burgers but he still has to pay the check.; Jughead can't find his glasses at the Chok'lit Shoppe.; Jughead has been practicing on his skateboard.; Jughead corrects Miss Grundy's home economics class on how to make a hamburger.; Hot Dog's fight with a local cat doesn't go the way he wanted.; Archie asks Jughead if he's put anything away for a rainy day.; Jughead and Dilton both took a speed reading course.