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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: February 2012
UPC: 76281646952417811
Country: United States
When Jughead gets thrown out of Veronica's high-class party for being a slob, Dilton gives him a belt that creates a hologram of a well-dressed hunk around Jughead.; Jughead fantasizes about what kind of job he might have when he grows up.; Jughead's conscience appears on his shoulder in the form of a little floating Jughead. They meet a girl whose own conscience tells her to kiss Jughead, and then the girl conscience falls in love with Jughead's conscience.; Jughead creates a sound effect "KA-SHOOMAFLOINK" and then tries to find someone or something that makes the sound.; Jughead has been spending time with a "Babette" and Reggie bets Moose that she is a dog rather than a real girl.; Jug's drumming in class gets him in trouble, but then his drumming saves the day in three separate incidents.; Jughead presents some video game ideas to a software company.; While skiing, Jughead sees Big Ethel.; Mr. Smythe is driven crazy when everyone around him starts speaking entirely in catchphrases from TV commercials.; Jughead races around town to different locations to receive special food deals.; Jughead brings a box of fleas to school for biology class but they get loose in Miss Grundy's class.; Dilton builds an android named Stacy to keep Ethel away from Jughead during a skiing trip.; Reggie is a mime at the mall and ends up challenging Jughead to be quiet longer than he has.; Everybody is entered in an ice-skating contest, even Jughead who can't skate at all. When everybody else crashes Jughead is awarded first place.; It's so cold that Jughead wears his grandfather's old raccoon coat.; The gang each fantasize about what it would be like if there were two of each of them.; Jughead tells Joani that he is late because Hot Dog ran off with his pants.; Jughead and Archie go ice fishing but don't catch any fish.; Archie is scared to ask the new girl in his class out for a date.; Jughead tries to keep the snow in his yard unblemished after a snowfall.; Jughead enters a snow-boarding race accidentally.; Bingo tries to teach Rebel to do tricks, but as usual, Rebel will only show his true abilities in front of Teddy, just to mess with his mind.; Jughead shows the reader various pictures he's taken.; Jughead finds a way to sleep in the library.; Souphead wants Jughead to help him build a snowman.; Jughead tells Miss Grundy she assigns too much homework.; Jughead and Archie study together.; Ethel is chasing Jughead and Archie on a snowmobile.; Ethel throws a burger party. Ethel chases Jughead. Jughead eats all the food at Archie's house.; Jughead paints a space rocket.; The chore of taking out the trash gets passed around the house.; Jughead is in a frog imitation contest.; Veronica thinks there is something wrong with the cake she made.