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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2012
UPC: 76281646952418611
Country: United States
Jughead and his team compete against Slimy Sal's team in the 25th Annual Dinersville Bowl-A-Rama.; Jughead investigates who has been sabotaging Gooby Bars.; Betty wins a contest sponsored by the local radio station even though Veronica and Reggie both tried to cheat and win the contest.; Fed up with the Anti-Santa -- namely Reggie Mantle -- Jughead decides to give the prankster a special Christmas present, much to the dismay of the rest of the gang.; Archie and Jughead see their fathers at a travel agency just before Christmas and jump to the wrong conclusiion.; Jughead is disillusioned about Christmas but Betty shows him that there is still Christmas spirit out there you just have to look for it.; The kids all take a sleigh ride during Christmas break and Jughead confesses to Ethel that he doesn't know how to kiss.; While visiting Mr. Lodge's work building, Jughead gets stuck in elevator with three lovely models -- and no food.; Jughead is broke so he can't go to the wrestling match with the guys. The girls take pity on him and take him to the movies instead.; No one particularly likes Mrs. Smythe's artistic creations made from seashells, but no one will tell her, either.; Jughead and Archie get trapped in a freezer while working for a caterer.; When Jughead is denied re-entry to a movie he entertains the crowd with his juggling skills.; After putting Hot Dog out in the cold, Jughead has a dream that their situations are reversed.; Jughead drives everyone at school up the wall with his genius-like ability to remember everything he's taught with no apparent effort.; Jughead tricks Mr. Weatherbee into allowing him to bring his pet bird to school.; Ethel collects on a promise Jughead made to her five years ago. To get through the day, Dilton teaches Jughead about deep visualization-- thinking of more favorable surroundings while doing something unpleasant.; Rebel hasn't been home in days because he's got a case of puppy love with a neighbor dog.; Archie and Jughead replace Coach Kleats Christmas tree, first with a larger one then with a very small one.; Archie and the gang are over at Veronica's decorating her Christmas tree when Jingles shows up. He and Jughead shatter a priceless vase owned by Mr. Lodge. Jingles then fixes the vase with his magic.; House to house caroling. Hot Dog has a yule decoration. Veronica helps Archie trim his allowance.; Archie is carrying so many packages he can't see where he's going.; Jughead reads a book on hypnotism and decides to try it out at the lunch line.; Ethel throws a burger party. Ethel chases Jughead. Jughead eats all the food at Archie's house.; Moose knocks himself out while trying to shadow-box.; Mr. Lodge thinks that he's allergic to Archie.; Archie tells Jughead that there is a girl for him some place in the world.; Jughead and Archie are studying for a test.; TV puts weak-minded people in a trance.; Miss Grundy has the class drawing items from the old west.; Archie tries to catch a baseball and catches a bird instead.; Jughead is trying to coach Archie during a boxing match.; Jughead sends a message to Archie across the football stadium.; Coach Kleats wishes the baseball team wasn't quite so good sports about losing.; Archie finds a novel way to win a sack race.; Mr. Weatherbee wonders why his lunch tray is bent.; Jughead tries to order lobster.