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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Pal Hot Dog
Page Count: 36
Genre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals, Science Fiction, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.00 USD
Cover Date: January 1990
Country: United States
Hot Dog decides that he is not really cut out for adventures in space and asks to be returned to Earth. In gratitude for his help, the Astro-Mutts renovate his doghouse, installing loads of super-scientific equipment and a robot butler.; Disgruntled over his new doghouse, Hot Dog agrees to accompany the Astro-Mutts on a space mission against the evil Galacti-Cats and their ally, Drak Batfang.; With the help of his new doghouse full of inventions, Hot Dog protects his friend Pablito from the bully dog Dobie.; When Jughead's mom decides Hot Dog can't live in the house anymore, Jughead and Dilton build him a doghouse with all kinds of special enhancements, but Hot Dog isn't impressed.; Hot Dog gives a brief introduction to his life.