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Publisher: EC
Title: MAD
Page Count: 60
Genre: Humor, Satire-parody
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 5.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2010
Country: United States
Dorothy is lamenting the bad economy in the wasteland of Detroit, MI and is magically transported to Punditland, where nothing makes sense. Dorothy, the Unfair-Crow, the Spin Man, and lion travel to see the Wizard, who turns out to be just another "cheap backroom politician" who cannot save any of them.; Various short satires of pop culture.; A look a things that could go wrong with assuming that all people of a given race act alike.; A collection of comic strips.; New gags written for Dave Berg's drawings.; Ridiculous ideas that "prove" President Obama is either a terrorist, socialist, or both.; Book titles for children's books that would never be published, illustrated by fake covers. Parodies of real titles, characters, or genres.; In the first story, the White Spy is destroyed while spying by satellite camera on the Black Spy. In the second story, the Black Spy is shot by a machine gun disguised as a ladder.; Stupid ideas to pass the time using items typically found in a waiting room, and hosting a tailgate party while waiting.; Stills from the movie "True Blood" with fake dialog.; Parody of a celebrity gossip website.; Supposed US commemorative postage stamp sets that were never printed.; A pastry chef's dog relieves itself on someone's lawn and is kicked off the property. The chef finds a most unusual revenge with the plastic bag of dog do.