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Publisher: DC
Title: Mad Magazine
Page Count: 56
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 5.99
Cover Date: October 2024
UPC: 76194135676104011
Country: United States
20+ PAGES OF NEW MAD CONTENT! In case you didn't know by now...2024 is an election year! MAD #40 vetoes that news and says POLITICS SCHMOLITCS! This issue contains a one-third consensus of pages filled with BRAND SPANKIN NEW MAD CONTENT! Includes a new A MAD Look at... by Sergio Aragones, Tom Bunk's political trading cards, pontification-filled parodies, Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions: Political Edition, and much more. Features a fabulous new front-runner Fold-In by Johnny Sampson too. Plus, classic favorites like Spy Vs. Spy, and numerous silly satirical slams on the past and present heads of state. Go out and pass some bills over the counter, pick up a (ballot) issue, and make Alfred E. Neuman president today!