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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Marvel Graphic Novel
Page Count: 52
Genre: Superhero
Era: Bronze
Cover Price: 4.95 USD; 5.95 CAD
Cover Date: January 1982
ISBN: 0-939766-20-5
Country: United States
Thinking the X-Men are dead, Moira convinces Xavier to gather the next gen of mutants after she rescues a girl who can turn into a wolf. Xavier begins contacting young mutants only to find that the mutants are being attacked by soldiers sent by Donald Pierce to kill them. Arriving in Kentucky, Xavier and Rahne are attacked by Sam Guthrie who has been duped into working for Pierce. Xavier is captured. The mutants try to save Xavier before Pierce can suck his mind dry. Afterwards, Xavier gives them uniforms and, once Sam comes calling and is accepted into their ranks, the New Mutants are born.