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Publisher: Graphitti Designs
Title: Moebius
Page Count: 304
Genre: Adventure, Western-frontier
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 45.95 USD
Cover Date: January 1990
ISBN: 0-936211-21-0
Country: United States
Apache Territory c. 1868. Apaches seize a stagecoach and fort without bloodshed under "Tsi-Na-Pah", "Broken Nose", AKA Blueberry living among the Apaches. Cochise is the wise elder, but Victorio is Blueberry's rival for command and the affections of Chini, the chief's daughter. Blueberry wins her an eagle while Victorio stages a one-man raid. Yet the Apaches must flee by descending ropes as the cavalry closes in. Victorio leads them back to fight, and Blueberry must warn the fort to save both American and Indian lives.; Durango, Colorado, c. 1867. Angel Face intends to shoot President Grant as he speaks on the railroad platform. Blueberry, suspected as an assassin, plays cat and mouse in disguises and some help from locals. Braving house fires, ambushes, and gunfights, Blueberry foils Angel Face's assassination with a well-timed shot. As the villains flee on a highjacked train, Blueberry jumps aboard. Killing Blake, he knocks Angel Face face-first into the open firebox. The train crashes and Blueberry has vanished.; Continuing... Red and Jimmy seek Blueberry and find Chihuahua Pearl. Blueberry is held at Fort Bowie to be tried in Durango. He bids goodbye to his love, Chini. She sneaks into Victorio's camp and urges the Apaches flee and find Cochise and the rest of the tribe. Pearl sneaks Blueberry a gun, the Apaches steal the escort's horses, and they're off! The Army surrounds the territory, but Blueberry and the Apaches bluff, then steal an entire train and ride to freedom - and to find their tribe.; Cochise and the Apaches are dying of cold and hunger at San Carlos. Blueberry and crew and Victorio's warriors dodge soldiers to liberate the tribe. Then it's a race to the Mexican border. Faking telegraph signals, surviving shootouts, carrying the elderly, planting tripwires and dynamite, and accepting sacrifice from the eldest warriors, helps the tribe finally escape to Mexico. Here Blueberry bids farewell to Chini and Victorio. He's off to seek justice and clear his name!; Chihuahua, Mexico, 1872. Blueberry seeks General Vigo, who can clear his name of stealing the Confederate gold. Blueberry, Red, and Jimmy are arrested because Vigo is now Governor. They'll be shot, until, with President Juarez dead, Vigo is to be shot. Blueberry enlists El Tigre's gang to help Vigo escape over the wall and jump into a hayrick. They ride to a waterfall and cave behind, having left the doublecrossing El Tigre in the lurch. Blueberry uncovers Vigo's stash and a receipt for the Confederate gold signed by Juarez himself!; Blueberry needs to clear his name and expose the conspirators out to assassinate President Grant. He gives General Dodge the receipt. In Alabama, he lures out Warden Kelly and learns of Delta Ranch in the Rockies. At the ranch, he's captured by the hideously scarred Angel Face. Red and Jimmy break him free, and they rush. The conspirators plan to blow up the tunnel as Grant's train passes. Blueberry bursts in and Grant is convinced when the tunnel blows. The conspirators are exposed and Mike Blueberry exonerated and rich. Next up - he's going to marry Chihuahua Pearl!