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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD
Page Count: 36
Genre: Science Fiction, Spy
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.12 USD
Cover Date: November 1968
Country: United States
Fury is summoned by a condition red priority alert to the "Observatron" chamber. An asteroid is being drawn off-course directly toward Earth, impact only hours away! Fury & Cliff Randall (SHIELD's top ace pilot) race to the projected impact point, the Central Andes, hoping to find whatever is pulling the asteroid from its normal orbit. There, they find a hidden base built inside a mountain, run by a group of other-dimensional beings called "The Others". Twenty years earlier, the tyrant of their dimension, facing revolt, set off an "Impact Inducer", which would destroy everything. Survivors escaped in a ship when the force of the destruction opened a dimensional doorway to Earth. Knowing it would take twenty years for the "reverberations" to still, they built a base and sent out "prodigals" to gather intelligence about Earth, whose memories were blanked-- and it turns out Randall was one of these all along! Now, to duplicate the exact conditions that opened the dimensional gateway, they plan to use the asteroid to destroy the entire Earth, just so they can go home! SHIELD's ESP Division informs Fury a psychic shield surrounds the entire base, preventing them from targeting the device pulling the asteroid. When the rocket carrying the "collective intelligence" that is "The Others" launches into space, Fury fears all hope is lost. But Randall's humanity wins out, as the rocket veers off-course and hits the asteroid, destroying both and saving the Earth.