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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Ninja High School Yearbook
Page Count: 68
Genre: Humor, Martial Arts, Science Fiction, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 3.25 USD
Cover Date: December 1990
Country: United States
Jeremy and Asrial try to rescue Ichi within an anime video game world.; The Walkman Pair help Quagmire High School students try to stop an alien invasion while they visit the Seattle Institute of Art.; Arnie time-travels back to medieval Japan so he can do research for a paper on Japanese folklore.; Asrial writes a letter to her parents.; A young Jeremy tries to scare people by dressing up in an alien costume.; Dog Supreme gets sick.; Ben Dunn and Riley cosplay as Ichi and Asrial.; A young Ichi takes advantage of Jeremy's arms being stuck to his sides by his underarm deodorant.; A young Ichi tries to get through the gutters between panels so she can fight with Asrial.