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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Planet Comics
Page Count: 40
Genre: Adventure
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: September 2023
UPC: 61072116044202211
Country: United States
'The Extinctioners' (Shawntae Howard, Malcolm Earl), 'Shaman Kane: The Arcadia Incident' (David Broughton). 'The Extinctioners' (Shawntae Howard, Malcolm Earl): Extinctioners unite! After coming face to face with the creators of Humanimal Kind, can Scarlet, Katherine, and Phenix stop fighting one another long enough to come up with a plan to save their friends and possibly the world? 'Shaman Kane: The Arcadia Incident' (David Broughton): Banished from the Shaman order, Kane decides to start a new life at the frontier worlds of the Galactic Rim. He and Shaman Jane Rain find themselves in a fight for survival against the Necro-Sharks, a band of terrifying Zombie space pirates.