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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Planet Comics
Page Count: 40
Genre: Adventure
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: November 2023
UPC: 61072116044202411
Country: United States
'The Extinctioners' (Shawntae Howard, Malcolm Earl): The rescue party lead by Phenix shows signs of success as their group continues to grow, but will friends turned foes bring everything to a grinding halt? 'Shaman Kane' (David Broughton): A triple-barreled blast of Kane chronicles! 'Ice Station Zeebar': Shaman Kane is called in to help the John Carpenter planetary survey expedition on the ice planet Zeebar investigate the mysterious death of team leader Professor MacReady. What he discovers chills him to the bone. 'Girl Trouble': Kane has instructions to transport his old friend/co-shaman Jane Rain and her prisoner, the infamous mind wraith known as Mind Roach, to Shaman HQ. A simple job. What could possibly go wrong? 'Zombie Takeout': Kane visits the planet Dienarr to deal with a plague of zombies infesting a roadhouse. As usual, a simple zombie cull gets a little more complicated.