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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Planet Comics
Page Count: 40
Genre: Adventure
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 9.99
Cover Date: December 2023
UPC: 61072116044202521
Country: United States
INTERPLANETARY SHAMAN VS. THE UNDEAD! HUMANIMALS FIGHT AGAINST SLAVERY AND EXTINCTION! 'Shaman Kane: Trouble on Sigma 968' (David Broughton): Banished from the Shaman order, Kane has started a new life on the frontier world of Sigma 958 where the Sheridan City Council ask Kane to stop vampire attacks on colonial wagon trains. 'Shaman Kane: The Artifact, Part 1' (David Broughton): When Kane investigates why one of the local mining towns has gone quiet, he is forced into a fight for his very survival against seemingly insurmountable odds. 'The Extinctioners' (Shawntae Howard, Malcolm Earl): Attempting to rescue their friends, Phenix and crew are captured by a creature that claims to be their world's creator, but what are its intentions for them and their world? This vast, empty expanse is your final frontier. Explore strange new sites, and new genre conventions to commission your favorite artist, or boldly dare yourself to create covers that no one has created before!