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Publisher: IDW
Title: Rip Kirby
Page Count: 288
Genre: Crime, Detective-mystery
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 49.99 USD
Cover Date: July 2011
UPC: 978160010989854999
ISBN: 978-1600109898
Country: United States
While Desmond is in the park, a frantic woman pushes a baby in his arms before being pursued. Rip and Desmond discover that the baby is of royal birth and is the target of a power play in his parents' home country of Mythania. Legally, Rip has to give the baby over to the authorities, but he, Desmond and the mother travel to Mythania and work with the underground to regain the baby's freedom.; Kismet wins Rip's affections so she can dump him in revenge for his role in sending her father to prison years ago. But after it is done, she finds that revenge is not sweet and apologizes to Rip. Rip investigates the old case and discovers that Kismet's father was framed by her family friend "Uncle Twink".; Carno has Desmond kidnapped for force Rip to help him stop a blackmailer who is threatening his daughter as Carno's jungle cat carnival act tours Europe.; On safari with Ernest Welles, the Mangler learns that Welles previously sent a fortune in diamonds to his daughter that he hasn't seen in ten years for safekeeping. The Mangler kills Welles and uses his similar physical appearance to impersonate Welles to get the diamonds from the daughter. But when he can't come up with the password Welles had sent along with the diamonds, Angela gets suspicious and calls on Rip for help.; Ex-leading man Byron Delight wants to resurrect his acting career as part of a husband-and-wife team with Pagan Lee. But Delight's ex-wife Noreen and his secretary Flora are unhappy with his new romance. When Pagan's cottage is burned to the ground and a body is discovered inside, Rip investigates.; Ne-er-do-well Brawn Adair stands to inherit a fortune unless a late multi-millionaire's granddaughter is located and Rip is hired to find her. The girl's whereabouts are unknown, but clues lead Rip to the South Seas. The girl is now a grown woman, captaining her own schooner there. Meanwhile, Brawn has followed Rip to ensure Sari does not return to claim the inheritance.; An unemployed makeup man joins with a con-artist to try to swindle a rich old woman out of a million dollars. They engage a young, out-of-work actress and use make-up effects to demonstrate a 'fountain of youth' elixir. But the old woman's butler is friends with Desmond. Through Desmond, Rip learns of the scheme and puts a stop to it.; Big winners at Ma Casino's are being robbed as they leave and Ma hires Rip to stop the robberies without a lot of publicity. Rip goes undercover as a piano player in the lounge and discovers that band members are sending musical signals via radio broadcasts to their accomplices that identify the appropriate targets that have won big.; Madame Zero and her husband use Honey to smuggle microfilm in the rose of one of the gowns she is asked to take. But on the ship from Europe, Honey can't resist wearing the gown when invited to the Captain's table and she accidentally spills coffee on the rose. She replaces the rose on the gown and places the stained rose among some real roses in her apartment as a reminder of her poor judgement. Madame Zero's attempts to recover the microfilm ends up with Honey being kidnapped.; TV comedian Giggles Magee wants to marry Joan, who is a dancer on his show, but she refuses. Joan's brother is in trouble with gambling debts and Giggles stages a fake robbery attempt so that Rip catches Eddie in the act. Giggles agrees not to press charges against Eddie if Joan will marry him and she reluctantly accepts. But Giggles' plans go awry when Eddie and Joan are kidnapped.