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Publisher: Bongo
Title: Sergio Aragonés Funnies
Page Count: 32
Genre: Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.50 USD
Cover Date: January 2012
UPC: 79834202511800711
Country: United States
Sergio talks about different groups of "little people".; A little boy dreams of being a magician.; Sergio tells of meeting Pancho Flores.; An eye doctor can't read his own chart.; A mother finds her son's missing spider from his collection.; A ventriloquist brings his dummy home to his (the dummy's) family; A couple of birds call their friends over when a group of bird watchers show up.; A jumper on a bridge talks another guy into jumping with him.; A sculptor forgets to carve a leaf for his statue.; A diver loses a treasure chest to the captain of the boat he hired.