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Publisher: DC
Title: Showcase
Page Count: 36
Genre: Humor, Science Fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: March 1959
Country: United States
Having finished work on Time Sphere II, Rip Hunter and Jeff Smith do a test run back to the mesozoic era. Meanwhile, in the present day, crooks force Bonnie Baxter and her brother Corky to take them to Rip and Jeff in Time Sphere I. Meeting in the past, the crooks have the drop on Rip and crew, until battling dinosaurs separate the good guys from the bad. But when the heroes get back to their Time Sphere, they find it's gone missing.; As the time travelers return to the sphere, they hear the crooks, who survived the fall and found a sack full of jewels. Since each sphere can only hold 4 people, Bonnie and Corky return to the present in one, while Rip, Jeff, and the crooks head for the disabled sphere, with the pieces necessary for its repair. Once the repairs are made, and the time travelers escape a dinosaur stampede, the sphere heads for its proper time. But home, the crooks find their sack empty, since one of the immutable laws of time travel is that you can't bring anything back with you from the past.; The crooks have hidden the Time Sphere and try to negotiate with Rip to help them find precious minerals to take back and make them rich in the present. In the midst of the discussion, the ledge they are standing on falls away and the bad guys plummet to their apparent doom. With no idea of where the Time Sphere is, Rip and crew have to set up camp for a possibly lengthy stay. But a volcanic eruption exposes the whereabouts of the Time Sphere and also puts it in danger of being destroyed.