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Publisher: DC
Title: Showcase
Page Count: 36
Genre: Adventure, Non-fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: March 1957
Country: United States
Felix Hesse, a German scientist, comes pleading to the Challengers to save him from ULTIVAC, "a creature of my own making... but now out of control!" He explains. Interned as a war criminal, he met Floyd Barker, a bank robber. Released, they team to build a giant machine - Suddenly a giant robot hand crashes through the window and seizes Hesse. Spouting propellers, it flies off with Hesse. The Challengers have their next job, "Track down ULTIVAC!"; The Challengers consult Director June Robbins, computer expert. She deduces radioactive materials have given ULTIVAC super-intelligence. She runs a computation to find their odds, and the card reads, "ULTIVAC WILL FALL WHEN A CHALLENGER DIES!" Meanwhile, Hesse watches ULTIVAC build robot-duplicates of Hesse to fetch supplies. Red and June respond to a lead, sneak onto Hesse's copter, and enter ULTIVAC's lab. But the robot can "DETECT YOUR THOUGHTS!" ULTIVAC senses June is not afraid, and they talk. Until Red smashes a power unit and they flee in the confusion.; Hesse shoots ULTIVAC with a ray gun. The robot falls. Now Hesse and Barker can "make millions". ULTIVAC is clamped and displayed in Yankee Stadium in New York before thousands. But ULTIVAC sends a mental signal to June. The robot breaks free and carries June off. Ace, flying a jet, takes command to "talk terms", but ULTIVAC's vibration beam shatters the plane. The robot dives under the sea with June inside his dome. Prof, master diver, dives, but is slammed by a vibro-beam and captured.; June argues "ULTIVAC is a scientific marvel". The robot swims out. Ashore, Red shoots while Rocky attaches a magnetic bomb that destroys ULTIVAC. Not. ULTIVAC sent out a decoy. June convinces him "Wars never solve anything!" and ULTIVAC agrees to a televised public hearing, and pledges to help humanity. Hesse blasts ULTIVAC and Rocky - who dies on the operating table, as foretold. June offers to take Rocky's place, and the Challs agree, until Rocky miraculously revives. ULTIVAC ends up a stationary calculating machine, his spark gone, yet "still contributing to man's knowledge".; In 1892, in Samoa, Robert Louis Stevenson dreamed he died, became a ghost, and was revived by a doctor fetched by his wife.; Moolah the Mystic meets the new Tattooed Man, who's "sponsored".