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Publisher: Gladstone
Title: Tales from the Crypt
Page Count: 68
Genre: Crime, Horror-suspense
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 2.50 USD
Cover Date: September 1990
UPC: 07148601414009
Country: United States
When a werewolf begins killing the residents of a small village, a man from Hungary is the prime suspect in the minds of many. When the villagers murder him, his sons vow to find the real werewolf. However, while the villagers killed the wrong person, they weren't far off.; When a criminal wakes up in the hospital, he panics when he realizes he has gone blind! An old man in the bed next to him likes to tell stories about things he sees out the window, and the crook listens carefully, picturing the area in his mind. Finally confident that he has the lay of the land, he makes a break for it out the window. But, it's not at all like he expected. It turns out the old man has a vivid imagination.; A man wanders into a strange restaurant that serves a grisly menu.; The mummy's curse strikes again!; A man murders his wife with poison so he can be together with his mistress. The poison is undetectable, but a detective has a trick up his sleeve to obtain a confession.; When two partners discover a revolutionary new solvent, one of them decides to keep the profits for himself. He murders his partner, posing it as an accident. One day, though, he falls and his secretary gives him a drink of water. Or what looks like water.; A man prepares a plan to kill his new bride: he buys voodoo dolls to place on the wedding cake. But, what happens to a soul when it leaves a body?; It's a classic switch. We're informed that a maniac is on the loose. When a motorist picks up a hitch-hiker, he sure looks pretty nervous about his disheveled new passenger. But, it turns out the driver is the killer-at-large.