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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Tales of Suspense
Page Count: 36
Genre: Science Fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: March 1959
Country: United States
Alien ships appear over Earth, causing panic. After a failed military strike, the world's leaders disarm at the advice of an old astronomer, who had actually faked the ships to create unity.; A disgruntled janitor uses a time machine to travel to King Arthur's time to pose as a sorcerer using technology. None of it works independently, and he is forced to mop up the great hall.; When robots are banned, one robot escapes and sneaks into the palace of the dictator who ordered it. He deactivates the leader by pushing a button, since he was actually a rogue robot.; The world president insists on missions to find a hidden planet, always leading to failure. When his daughter is killed aboard the latest rocket, the attempts to reach "Earth" are abandoned.; A dictator conquers an alien world full of unresisting people. He quickly finds that they are already slaves of the sentient plants, which now also control him through their spores.