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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Tales of Suspense
Page Count: 36
Genre: Horror-suspense, Science Fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: December 1961
Country: United States
A soldier is placed underground in a capsule to test the effects of isolation. He is attacked by a telepathic insect. They blame the experience on stress, but a piece of the insect is on the pod.; A king is beset by an assassin in the king's clockroom whereupon the assassin is magiked into yet another figurine upon the king's favorite timepiece.; An unrepentant con-man is scared straight when he strays onto a forbidden road and enters a world between life and death.; A greedy prince marries a dowager queen. He tries to use her sleepwalking to cause her death, but the portrait of her husband calls out to warn her, and ghostly hands push the prince to his death.