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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Tales of Suspense
Page Count: 36
Genre: Fantasy, Horror-suspense, Science Fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: January 1960
Country: United States
An invader from the shadow world is defeated by a room of lights rigged up by an electrician.; A little girl summons a genie to punish adults after she is spanked. The genie eventually erases all people, but the girl gets lonely and asks him to bring them back, which he does, before leaving forever.; An airline pilot goes on vacation after a traumatic crash, but witness a volcanic eruption and strange creature. He uses a wind tunnel to drive the lava-covered creature back beneath the surface.; A criminal forces his robot assistant to help him commit crimes, but he is captured when the robot rusts and is jammed during a robbery.; The Martians force anyone wanting to trade with them to solve a puzzle. All of the scientists sent there fail, but the ship's steward realizes that the trick is done with a simple treadmill.