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Publisher: Now
Title: Tales of the Green Hornet Two Issue Mini-Series
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.75 USD; 2.25 CAD
Cover Date: November 1990
Country: United States
Concluded from last issue: In 1977, The Green Hornet (II), out alone for perhaps the first time (but not the last; see Green Hornet Annual, #1, December 1992), pays a disturbing visit to Pinter Marcus about his incoming drug shipment, demanding his "cut" of the proceeds from the planned auction. Kato, pseudonymously starring in a martial arts movie shooting on location in Thailand, becomes more suspicious of the seeming wastefulness on the low-budget production. He also becomes romantically involved with his leading lady, the producer's daughter Aiasha. Marcus' boss, Mr. Lewis, tells him that the masked man's demands are unacceptable: "Kill the Hornet...or kill yourself!" The filming group arrive in The City to shoot their last few scenes, and predictably, Reid Communications considers it news. Britt takes the opportunity to inform Hayashi that he has identified one of the picture's backers as international crime cartel head Edwin Lewis. With Kato then reporting the unopened crates of equipment, more canisters of film than they shot, etc., the two feel strongly that the production is a front for smuggling. That night, the Hornet and "his man" sneak in and find Marcus' heroin shipment in the film cans, but are surprised to be expected. Marcus, Lewis, and the movie's producer, Mr. Fujikawa, along with a few armed hoods, have turned the lights on. A fight ensues as the crime boss and the producer walk out, but it is quick and the vigilantes have soon caught up with them outside, where a car waits, along with Aiasha. Fujikawa points a gun at his own daughter's head, threatening to kill her if our heroes do not surrender. The Hornet bluffs that he doesn't care about her, but Fujikawa has recognized the other man's fighting style as that of his new star! "I believe HE cares." After Marcus ties up the two, Lewis kills him, then has Aiasha tied up alongside the masked men! A fire is started, with a cover story to be that the Green Hornet was accidentally killed in a fire he set for Fujikawa's refusal to pay protection, and the producer's daughter died trying to save the film canisters. In one panel, the Hornet is coughing and cursing the ropes that hold him, and in the next he is inexplicably free. A thug left behind to make certain the three die instead is overcome and "convinced" to reveal the site of the heroin auction. The sellers, bidders and merchandise are soon in the hands of the police. Aiasha promises to return to Japan, sell all that is her father's, donate the proceeds to charities, and disappear, never to see "Ikano Kurosawa" again.