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Publisher: Broadsword
Title: Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose
Page Count: 32
Genre: Horror-suspense, Mature
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 21.99
Cover Date: September 2024
UPC: 80487923390907951
Country: United States
Whispers of a chilling rumor echo through the land. Stories of a Dark Spiral Witch bearing Tarot's likeness wreaking havoc across the Fairy Realm grip the hearts of all. As the Skeleton Man leads a daring quest to save his beloved Witch from the clutches of the Unseelie Court, the destiny of Witchkind hangs in precarious balance on his brave shoulders.This Classic Studio Edition features Jim's Skeleton Man in a heroic pose, surrounded by a mesmerizing audience of beautiful Ghoul girls on the cover. Each book is signed by Jim, bagged, boarded, and includes a random Jim Balent Mystery Halloween-themed Art Print. Dive into this enchanting tale before it vanishes into the night.