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Publisher: Now
Title: The Green Hornet
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.75 USD; 2.25 CAD
Cover Date: November 1990
Country: United States
An oil company's tanker spill off the coast of Alaska gives Corey White, new co-owner of the environmentalist Forever Green Foundation, the incentive he needs to provoke the "rank-and-file" members to follow his violent military-style attack agenda, via his Green Army. When founder Nancy McKenna overhears a report that ten civilian dead from an attack on a power plant is "acceptable," she confronts White, who tells her that, as she gave him "a free hand" when she needed his financial aid, there's nothing she can do. Learning of a plan to sabotage next week's World Business Conference, she makes a clandestine meeting with D.A. Reid, and tells all. Diana realizes that this is beyond her official resources, calls Paul, and the Green Hornet "kidnaps" McKenna from the authorities, just ahead of a Green Army assault team. Continued next issue....