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Publisher: Panini UK
Title: The Mighty World of Marvel
Page Count: 76
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 2.95 GBP
Cover Date: December 2009
Country: United Kingdom
General Ross and his men attack Hulk. His attack has little effect but allows Dr. Strange the ability to attack Hulk's mind. Initially it looks like he is getting through, even causing the Hulk to revert to Bruce for a moment but ultimately it is futile and Hulk breaks Dr. Strange. The president attempts to get Sentry into the fight but he fails to even get a response. Elloe and Hiroim lead an attack on Dr. Strange's home. Just when it seems like Dr. Strange is caught, he drinks an elixir and drops the defeated Hiroim at the feet of the Hulk.; Cho and his Renegades take on General Ross along side the Warbound. Gab Jones convinces Amadeus to assist with looking after the people and buildings that are damaged by the fight. Cho leaves his team and heads in a bid to stop the Hulk. The Scorpion follows him and they manage to make it into the Arena that the Hulk has built. Unfortunately for them the Hulk is waiting for them.; The military captures Rick and Ross convinces him that they need the Hulk to test a new experimental rocket for national security. Rick tricks the jade giant into the capsule but once it is shot into space, he realizes that Ross deceived him to get rid of his foe. Rick overrides the programming and returns the rocket to earth but not before Banner (he transformed back to his human form when the rocket came into view of the sun) is doused with further radiation. The Hulk is now unable to revert to his human form and is under Rick's control but only while Rick remains awake.