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Publisher: Marvel
Title: The Punisher Magazine
Page Count: 52
Genre: Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 2.25 USD; 2.75 CAD; 0.60 GBP
Cover Date: February 1990
Country: United States
Punisher uses former wall street broker turned homeless, Quentin O'Toole, to help him get information on Arnold Ansen's unscrupulous Billionaire Boys Club. In return, Frank agrees to look into a rash of homeless murders. Punisher begins to uncover stock market manipulation & a deal with the Japanese being carried out by Ansen & his right-hand man, Roky, he is assaulted Sijo, who gets the drop on him. Jr. comes to the rescue with a taser but gets badly wounded by Sijo. Punisher is taking out a gang who are rolling a bum, the real homeless killer Roky, is getting his kicks by carving up O'Toole.; Punisher captures Mr. Takegura and offers to trade him for Billionaire Boys Club member and homeless killer, Roky. The exchange goes bad and everyone dies, including Microchip's son, Junior.