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Publisher: Marvel
Title: The Punisher Magazine
Page Count: 52
Genre: Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 2.25 USD; 2.75 CAD; 0.60 GBP
Cover Date: April 1990
Country: United States
The Punisher recovers from last issue's injuries and gains a husband and wife team (both prison guards) as allies in the process. The trio try to keep Lydia Spotto and the Samson Family members from rescuing their crazed cult leader during a prison transport. As the firefight winds down and the Punisher takes care of Charlie, Ortiz finds himself stuck between a gunman and approaching police and makes a suicide play.; When he discovers that a brutal death row inmate's girlfriend plans on breaking him out of prison, the Punisher beats her to the punch by doing it himself. The girlfriend turns up, however, and proves to be way past crazy as she kills Saunders, steals the Punisher's ride and leaves him for dead in the desert.