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Publisher: Dell
Title: The Rifleman
Page Count: 36
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.15 USD
Cover Date: January 1962
Country: United States
Lucas sees a woman from his past, Nell Dorne, enter town. Lucas was best friends with her husband Dan Dorne, who has turned outlaw. Nell befriends Mark and subsequently ends up being shot in her hotel room. Her bag is missing which holds the money from Dan's bank robbery. Dan Dorne arrives and threatens Lucas and Mark after Lucas would not hide him from the law.; A little girl (Polly Burt) turns up at the McCain ranch and Mark takes her in. Later two riders approach and ask if Mark had seen a little girl who has run away from their wagon train. Mark keeps quiet about Polly. In town Wheeler has brought Sam Morgan to Sheriff Torrance and is asking for help in finding Polly, who is Morgan's adopted daughter. Mark tells Lucas about Polly and takes her to town where he meets the Wileys who love Polly. It's discovered that Morgan bought Polly for fifty dollars from her uncle. Polly is adopted by the Wileys.; Bounty Hunter Jerry Reed is ambushed by outlaw Tad Stone. Stone tells the Sheriff that he is Jerry Reed and that he captured outlaw Stone. The real Reed convinces the Sheriff to jail them both until the Marshall from Montana can get there. Reed goes along with a ruse to help Stone break out of jail but turns on him and tells the Sheriff where the money was hidden.; Story of ice harvesting in the Old West; Brief bio of Charley Parker, noted stagecoach driver. For thirty years Parker (a woman) posed as a man, and only at her death was it discovered she was female.; two panel description of what ranchers had to do when getting started by themselves.