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Publisher: IDW
Title: The Transformers
Page Count: 32
Genre: Adventure
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: July 2011
UPC: 82771400109902111
Country: United States
Brief welcomes are exchanged between Hot Rod and Optimus's Autobots groups, as Optimus prepares to go into space to Cybertron, using Omega Supreme's rocket mode to get there, as he's given information by Hot Rod as to what's going on on their homeworld. A group of Autobots are told to stay behind, led by Bumblebee.; Prowl begins his investigation into Spike's action vs. scrapper from issue #8 as Optimus leads his group off-planet to Cybertron, while Bumblebee and a few Autobots are left behind on Earth. Thundercracker leaves the Autobots' Earthbase behind and warns Prowl not to follow him as he wishes to be left alone, lest they become enemies once more.