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Publisher: Marvel
Title: The Uncanny X-Men
Page Count: 36
Genre: Superhero
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.12 USD
Cover Date: September 1964
Country: United States
After being attacked by a mutant hating crowd, Beast gets fed up and quits the X-Men. He becomes a professional wrestler but meets Unus, a mutant who cannot be touched. Unus is trying to join Magneto's Brotherhood so he takes on the X-Men. The X-Men barely fend him off and find Beast has constructed a machine that will actually increase Unus' powers. The X-Men try to prevent Hank from using the machine, but, once Unus has been zapped, he finds that he cannot even eat without the food being repelled out of his hands. Beast returns him to normal and Unus promises to will steer clear of Magneto.