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Publisher: DC
Title: Tiny Titans
Page Count: 36
Genre: Children, Humor, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 2.99 USD
Cover Date: July 2010
UPC: 76194126494303011
Country: United States
The girls all love their new curly hair and love Kid Flash for giving it to them, but he is suddenly distracted by a new arrival.; Superboy tries to undo his curly hair by flying at super-speed but it only makes his curly hair bigger.; When Kid Flash runs by real fast, everyone's hair turns curly.; Kid Flash runs by and everyone's hair turns curly again!; Mr. Trigon sees Peek-a-Boo skating by with Kid Flash and decides that he wants to go skating too.; Kid Flash introduces hiimself to the new girl and finds out why she is called Peek-a-Boo.; Superboy gets rid of his curly hair by shaving it off, then growing normal hair back at super-speed. Now the boys want to try the same thing on Robin.; Kid Flash likes his own new curly hair.